Party Lines

Party Lines is a monthly political comedy show at Good Good Comedy Theater in Philadelphia which I cohost with Max Barth. The show includes monologues, bits, sketches, field pieces, interviews, and house band Trigger Warning. Each show features a panel of local and/or visiting comedians and an interview segment with a political person.

Past guests have included Daily Show correspondent Ronny Chieng, Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullen, and PA Green Party Chair Kristen Combs.

Visit Good Good Comedy for tickets and more info.

Jackson Moe

Jackson Moe is a beloved Country Folk Rock duo from Philadelphia. When they're not serving as house band for Party Lines, Jackson Moe tours this great land trying to heal our hurting nation through song. They are definitely not Max Barth and me in hats. They just asked me to help spread the word here.

Book Jackson Moe.

Breaking Up with joe

Breaking Up with Joe is a weekly podcast about breakups and dating. I started the show in the summer of 2016 after, you guessed it, a breakup. In addition to tracking the ups and downs of life following my own breakup, we talk to comedians, musicians, psychologists, divorce lawyers, and more about the difficulties of dating and relationships.

Breaking Up with Joe is produced by Nick Diberardino.

Listen here, and don't forget to subscribe, rate, and comment on iTunes. New episodes every Tuesday at noon.